Football Zorbing, one of, if not thee, funniest thing you and your friends will ever do together. 10 balls, one ref, one rule... HAVE FUN! Back flip, front flip, barge your pal out of the way all in the spirit of fun! Suitable for age 8 plus and an 17 stone weight limit. 

Our Team Building activities are very unique and adapt to meet all your needs. The most popular activities we use for this are:
Stepping Stones
Yeti Walk
Spiders Web
Puzzle Time Trail
Rescue me
Mind Field
Rumble Tumble
These are just a few of the activities we use for team building. Should you want a team building experience we can discus what is best suited for your needs!

Fancy feeling like Robin Hood? Our fully qualified GNAS instructors will teach you the basics of archery and you can put your skills to the test. We have fun and exciting games to suit all the family, we can play darts, tennis, football or even fire an arrow at an apple all with our archery activity! Suitable for anyone aged 6 plus. 

Go/Fence sessions are great fun for all the family. Learn the basic skills from our trained and qualified instructors, put all the gear on and have ago at a fencing match! Play fun and interactive games to prepare yourselves and see who is the best at this fast paced Olympic sport! Suitable from aged 4. 

Our PE OAA Lessons will ensure all the new criteria for primary schools OAA lessons are met, in a fun and unique way. We will let the students explore new skills which they can then bring into every day learning within normal school lessons. 


Sore to new heights with our 30ft Inflatable Climbing Wall. Our fully trained instructors will belay you up the wall and help you abseil down. Learning new climbing techniques on your way up.
Suitable for age 5 plus and 10 stone max weight limit.  


Attempt to walk on water in our water balls. Battle your friends and see who can stand the longest. Have gladiator matches or just simply laugh out loud whilst trying your hardest to stand up. Have a true feeling of being in a hamster ball! Suitable for age 4 plus and a 16 stone weight limit. 

Many More...

We have many more activities which we offer and can adapt our activities to suit all your needs. Just email us for details on what we can bring you!


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