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For any First Aid enquiries please email:

​​GroupTogether Ltd  offer staff for the medical cover of your event. As it is YOUR event we will ensure we meet your needs and cater for what you want and require. If you are unsure what you need to do we will risk asses your event to ensure we can meet your needs.

If you need temporary first aid cover for an event or short period of time, you can benefit from the expertise of our first aid team.

We aim to work around your budget as best we can. We bring fully trained and qualified first aid team members, along with fully equipped trauma care equipment and CPR manikins so the public can practice their first aid skills. Our First Aid cover team are highly motivated and professional at all times, they will not just sit there, they will be a visible presents throughout your event. We can provide First Aiders all the way up to Paramedics for your event depending on your needs.

It is not possible to give exact prices for our services as this will depend on the risk assessment however typical costs are: £13 per hour for 1st aiders,  £25 per hour per paramedic. For full details on the prices please email us for a quote. 

We only use serving or ex serving emergency or military personnel as our trainers and event cover team to ensure the best skills are being used at all times.