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Why use GTL Activity Club?

We help your child explore out of their normal comfort zone, whilst learning new and exciting skills which they can use throughout their school life! Team Building is our speciality, so your child will meet new friends and be able to speak about their adventures with them and others for years to come. If your child attends a school within the Skegness area, they will have no doubt been taught by one of our ‘outstanding’ instructors.

We pride ourselves on the feedback we get from the students we teach and work with so if you are thinking about what summer club to send your child too this summer, ask them for feedback on GroupTogether Ltd instructors!  


Interested? Contact on here...

GroupTogether Ltd offers an extremely bespoke School Holiday Club, exclusive to the Skegness area. We understand the need to keep your child entertained and active during the school half term, so sign your child up for our Adventure Activity Summer Club and keep them active whilst enjoying themselves! 


Age Range               5 years to 14 years

Location                   Skegness, Lincolnshire

Price                          £55.00 per child (Full Week)

                                   £15.00 per child (Day rate)

Times                       9am till 4pm Daily 

Dates                        2019 TBD

GTL 2018 Activity Club Pics

What GTL Activity Club offers:
* Fencing and Archery Day
* Team Building Outdoor Activity Days
* Football Coaching Day (Coached by a Women's Premier League Player) 
* Fire Safety Day at a Fire Station 
* Multi Sports Beach Day


Phone: 07465995900