'All Our Students felt engaged at all times'

'We have a large number of low mobility students and each of them got involved, as best they can, thanks to Jessie and her team'

'Fantastic Fun'

'GroupTogethers team were in during an OfSted inspection, looked very professional'

'Very friendly team' 

Our Most Popular Programmes:

6 Week Archery Programme

Taught by our highly trained and skilled GNAS instructors, this programme enables students to progress with their knowledge and skills throughout the 6 week period. During each sessions the students will be challenged with their math skills as they will have to keep score, adding and subtracting points that the instructors will give or take away. Sessions are normally 1 hour long, adaptable to suit school timetable, with a max of 30 students per session. A Sports Hall is required for this programme.

6 Week Fencing Programme
Our Go/Fence sessions are taught by our qualified team, whom themselves were taught by non other than Claire Bennett, Former GB fencing international Commonwealth gold medallist and London 2012 Olympic Hero. This programme introduces students to an excellent Olympic sport, we use all Go/Fence equipment from Leon Paul to ensure all students are comfortable and safe whilst participating in this programme. Each week will concentrate on new techniques and throughout the programme the students will be learning the ‘French style’ fencing terminology. These sessions normally run between 45mins to an hour, adaptable to school timetables, with a max of 30 students per session. In door or outdoor space is required for this programme.

6 Week OAA Programme
With OAA being introduced to the national curriculum for primary schools, this is a great chance to see how OAA sessions can be ran and have a positive effect on the students learning. These sessions are taught by our ERCA trained instructors who have a mass of experience with large groups in Outdoor Education situations, including taking groups up Mount Snowdon and running week team building camps in the Lake District. These sessions will see the students use skills and knowledge they did not realise they had, whilst working as a team and understanding the important concept of team work in everyday life. We use all different types of Outdoor Adventure Activities to ensure students are engaged and gaining from the sessions at all times. These sessions last between 45mins to an hour, with a max of 30 students per session. Outdoor space is required for this programme, however we can use inside space for parts of the programme if required.

Activity Day
This is our very bespoke and unique way of including  a large number of students for a full day of team building. We will have a minimum of 10 activities at different stations set up for the students to partake in. All activities will see students using their team work skills, problem solving skills and venturing out of their comfort zone. We aim to mix the groups the students are in to ensure they are mixing with others and not just their usual crowd of peers. The students will partake in activities such as a Fan Decender, where the students sore up a tree and leap out from the top with the support of their team or they test their knowledge with topic related questions to solve the puzzle time trial. The day is set around your schools timetable so the students are not out of sync with their dinner or break time. We can cater for up to 150 students per day and we work at your school of a venue which suits your school needs. Your school staff are also more than welcome to join in on each activity to challenge themselves or have a staff competition!

Here at GroupTogether Ltd we offer a very bespoke and unique school programme guide. Our aim is to get all students involved in activities, including the students who normally ‘forget their PE kit’.

What Do We Offer?

  • Archery Sessions
  • Fencing Sessions
  • 30ft Inflatable Climbing Wall Sessions
  • Outdoor Adventure Activity Sessions 
  • 6 week Archery Programmes
  • 6 week Fencing Programmes 
  • 6 week OAA Programmes
  • Water Zorbing Sessions
  • GCSE Archery Programme
  • GCSE Climbing Programme 
  • ​Team Building Days (Activity Day)

Schools we've recently worked in:

1.Commonweal School, Swindon
2.St Peter and St Paul's Catholic Voluntary Academy, Lincoln
3.The Priory, Lincoln
4.Alford Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Alford
5.Willoughby St Helena's Church of England Primary School, Alford
6.Skegness Academy, Skegness
7.Skegness Grammar, Skegness
8.Skegness Junior Academy, Skegness
9.Skegness Infant Academy, Skegness
10.Richmond Junior School, Skegness
11.Beacon Primary Academy, Skegness
12.Burgh Primary School, Burgh Le Marsh
13.Seathorne Primary, Winthorpe
14.Ingoldmells Primary Academy, Ingoldmells
15.Mablethorpe Primary Academy, Mablethorpe
16.Sutton on Sea Primary, Sutton
17.Butterwick Primary, Boston
18.Friskney Primary, Boston
19.Wrangle Primary School, Boston
20.The Magdalen Church of England Primary, Wainfleet
21.Spilsby Primary School, Splisby
22.Great Steeping Primary School , Spilsby
23.Horncastle Community Primary School, Horncastle
24.Toynton All Saints Primary School , Toynton
25.Huttoft Primary School , Huttoft
26.Hogsthorpe Primary Academy , Hogsthorpe
27.Chapel St Leonards Primary School, Chapel
28.Coningsby St Michael's Church of England Primary, Coningsby
29.The Queensmead Primary Academy, Leicester
30.The City of Peterborough Academy Special School, Peterborough
31.The City of Peterborough Academy, Peterborough
32.Newark Hill Academy, Peterborough   


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All our programmes and sessions come with certificates of completion for all students who participant. We have lesson plans for teaching staff to have so they know what we will be doing during the session with their students, and we display the lesson objectives and success criteria throughout the session so we can refer back to them and ensure the students are learning and progressing.